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1 OV13CONTRA Contra Rotating Micro outrunners

Contra Rotating Micro outrunners

This product is out of stock but due to arrive around Dec 30. Please preorder if you like to ensure getting one. They have been very popular lately....

7 AEOC03 2.6g Brushless motor outrunner AEO C03

2.6g Brushless motor outrunner AEO C03

AEO Brushless Outrunner Motor C03. Motor KV:7900 Weight : 2.6 grams No Load Data: 4.2V @ 0.3A Max. Power : 2A or 30W Dimension: 13 x 17(mm) Length of...

1 AEO_A05M 3.8g brushless micro outrunner motor AEO A05M

3.8g brushless micro outrunner motor AEO A05M

AEO brushless motor A05M with prop saver.

5 A05M_7000 4.6g Brushless Motor 7000kv

4.6g Brushless Motor 7000kv

Kv: 7000 Cells: 1 (lithium) Current: 2A Prop:3x2 or 2.5x1 Thrust: 90g Shaft Size:1.5 mm  Weight:motor weighs 4.6 grams without the mount  Firewall...

0 5GBL2000 TrueRC 5g Brushless Motor

5g Brushless Motor

Kv: 2000 Cells: 2 Current: 2A Prop:4x2.5 Thrust: 90 g Shat Size:1.5 mm   Weight:motor weighs 5 grams without the mount or the prop saver. Prop saver...

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2 C10_2100 8g Brushless Motor 2100kv

8g Brushless Motor 2100kv

KV: 2100 Max. Power  5A or 40W Dimension 17.8mm x 20mm Length of shaft 5mm Diameter of shaft  2mm Weight: 8 grams (8.5g with firewall mount) USE...

0 TRC10G 10g brushless micro motor

10g brushless micro motor

10 gram brushless motor. 13.99mm 9 tooth stator.12 magnet poles w/curved magnets.2000KvGWS 5x3 prop, 7.5V, 2.6A, 112.5g thrust.GWS 5x3 prop, 10.5V,...

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6 AP15 AP15 Brushless motor 15.8g 1500kv

AP15 Brushless motor 15.8g 1500kv

The AP15 motor provides great efficiency and light weight. They’re ideal for small electric airplanes 100-150g F3P flying. The Curved Magnets offer...

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