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Product Disclaimer

All Lithium Polymer Batteries we carry are only approved for RC use, and may not be used in any other application.

Battery discharging, charging, electric motors, spinning propellers, and flying models all have the potential for serious injury to persons and damage to property. In purchasing these products, the user agrees to accept responsibility for all such risks, and not to hold the battery manufacturer, distributors, or retailers - (all including owners and employees) - responsible for any accident, injury to persons, or damage to property.

As used in radio-controlled model aircraft, discharge rates exceed the manufacturer’s specified maximum rates. Therefore, the use of Lithium Polymer batteries in radio-controlled models is to be considered experimental, and there is no warranty, expressed or implied, by the manufacturer, distributors, or retailers with respect to the capacity, life in cycles, storage, or discharge characteristics of lithium cells in RC use, nor any other use nor aspect.

By purchasing Li-polymer batteries you argee to take on all responsibility of proper care and maintnance of your battery. That all purchased or aquired lithium polymer, lithium ion and lithium ferrite batteries must be and will be checked for balance before charging with a standard digital multifunction volt meter. Not use hobby grade battery meters as they are not 100% reliable. That you will use a proper connectors and balance adapters required for proper connection to the charger, discharger or model device. That you will take proper precausions when charging Lithium batteries ie. approved Lithium charger/discharger. proper charging/discharging container, proper location. That you will be present at the location when said charging, discharging or use will take place.

Following chargers are not approved for use on Li-polymer batteries. Even that their manufacturers claim they work well with Lithium batteries these chargers are well known to have caused damage to battery, becasue of overcharge or user mistake.

Astro Flight 109 - must be monitored through 3 stages of charging before correct charge procedure is measured.

MRC Brain line of chargers - this charger is known to overcharge Li-polymer packs by a small amount, just enough to swell the battery.


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