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Warranty Information

Warranty claims for third party products must be handled with the manufacturer.  This includes Dimension Engineering, Hitec, MPI and Castle Creations products.  Solely the manufacturer determines warranty coverage.  We urge the customer to deal with the manufacturer directly to reduce turn around time and shipping expenses.  TrueRC Inc. does accept these items for exchange under warranty in instances where the manufacturer must inspect the item, but this may add several weeks to the turn around time.

TrueRC Inc. warrants all other products.  All products have a 90-day warranty to the original owner unless otherwise specified.  Li-polymer batteries carry a 6 month factory warranty for any cell defects. TrueRC Inc. will process warranty claims on a first come first serve basis.  Under no circumstances will an abused, misused, or otherwise damaged products be covered under the warranty policy. 

All items returned for warranty claims will be inspected prior to replacement or service.  Items must be returned to TrueRC Inc. for warranty claims.  Items covered under warranty will be exchanged or repaired at TrueRC Inc sole discretion.  For this reason, we suggest that the customer contact us directly regarding warranty claims on speed controls, motors, gearboxes, and other items which require in-depth technical knowledge.  All items returned must include a Service Request Form


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